Are you looking to:
Setup that new office at a new location or move to a Virtual Office

Add computers to my network

Get Viruses/Spyware/Malware removed

Upgrade your systems
Troubleshoot/Diagnosis Issues

Request Remote Support


     SolarTek Onsite Computer Service Technician will assist with all your computer/networking/mobile needs.
Providing superior support with 
our On-Site technical support, fast remote support connections ensuring systems continue to run smoothly or System Recovery to get you back up and running reducing downtime or loss of data.



 A full battery of hardware tests is performed on every computer. Which includes the Processor, Memory, Motherboard, Video/Audio Cards, and Hard Drives.

A full backup is performed on all Hard Drive before any work is performed on the operating system, either system cleanup or infection removal. 



Infections can wreak havoc on any system. Throwing up pop up after pop up, or scare tactics trying to get you buy some fake software, and even crash systems and delete data. But we can fight back with strong repair tools and state of the art infection scanners.



Need a quick setting adjustment or getting strange error messages, remote support is fast and easy. Attended access allows us to go thought the computer together to resolve any issues. Or Unattended Access can be setup and scheduled for a techinian to login to the system even if your away from home.



Your Data is very important. So when upgrading to a new computer it is important you get all your data to your new computer. Data Transfer insure that all Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Emails, Favorites are migrated into your new system.

*Programs are not transferable they must be installed from the disc. 

Wireless Setup

and Security

With all of todays mobile devies, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets wireless is the way to go. Setting up a wireless network for any home or office not only needs to be convenient but safe. Setting up WiFi security to protect your network should be in place before any devices try to connect to the wireless network.  



Not backing up your computer. Let us help you setup a Backup System. There are many options for backing up, Local, to a external hard drive or online with a subscription to a backup service. In the event of crashes, infections, or failures you can put your mind to rest knowing that all your files are safe.

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